Mustaches for kids?

10 11 2008

Here’s something…  Its 12:20 am on a Sunday night/Monday morning and I had a random desire to google search ‘Sweet Mustache’.  So what was the number one search result?  Mustache charity competition.  An organization called Mustaches For Kids (  Now I’m all about raising money for charity through the power of the Mo, but we should really combine forces!  Mustaches For Kids have chapter groups all over the world!  Lets team up!  

You should definitely check out their website, they have some great stuff, including a New York City chapter.

I will say this though… I was in a Barnes and Noble today and they have restrooms on the second floor, but you have to walk through the children’s book section to get to it.  I felt like every single parent there was watching my every move.  I thought for sure I was going to get kicked out of Barnes and Noble.  My undeveloped mo is still a little bit on the pervert side.  Needless to say, I didn’t stick around to read a book to the kids.


Movember USA




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18 12 2008
Jeff M

You are welcome to join us! M4K: Raising Money For Children’s Charities Since 1999!

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