The Mo and I visit Pittsburgh

7 11 2008

This past week the Mo and I visited Pittsburgh for an engineering conference. Good times were had needing it up in the PA. Pittsburgh says hello and suggest you all help the Mo Bros raise money for prostate cancer. You don’t want to make Pittsburgh upset now do you…


We Need You!

5 11 2008

Did you donateHave you donated to your Mo Bro?  Help support the fight against Prostate Cancer!  Click the donate links to the right to help the cause and follow the Mo growing action by clicking the Mo Bros names along the top.  We are helping to fight Prostate Cancer one Mo hair at a time!  What are you doing?

Moustache Necklace Comb = Sweet!

3 11 2008
Have you ever wanted to comb your moustache, but couldn’t find your moustache comb?  Have you ever gotten ready for work in the morning and struggled with styling your moustache with a full size comb?  Well now all your problems are solved with this Moustache Necklace Comb!  Check it out!  Its a Moustache Comb and a Necklace!!!  WHAT!?!  CRAZY!!!
Moustache Necklace Comb

Moustache Necklace Comb

 To check out more information check out this post at Boing Boing:

Happy Growing!

Movember USA

Everyone look how good I look!

3 11 2008

 Look at those two beautiful mustaches. Soon enough I too will be sporting a sweet Mo!

Sweet Stache

Sweet Stache

Day 1 – It begins

2 11 2008

The day has finally come!  IT’S MOVEMBER!!!!!  

I have set up some donation links on to the right as well as pages above for all of our Mo growin friends to post pictures of their Mo progress.  Please follow along and make a donation or two to help fight Prostate Cancer!  Every little bit helps.  Please share the site, post some comments (i.e. recommendations for the types of Mo or character you would like to see develop) and contribute.  


Happy growing!

Movember USA